Study Our Hebrew Roots!

Study OurHebrew Roots!
Study OurHebrew Roots!
Learn the Foundation of Your Faith!

Grafted In Fellowship is a gathering of like-minded people who understand the importance of following ALL of our Father's Word.  We understand our Father is the "same yesterday, today and forever" and furthermore, the Word of God is a complete writing without contradiction within what is commonly called the Old and New Testaments. 

YES!  We Shabbat!  Or more properly stated, "We observe Shabbat!"  What does this mean?  Shabbat is Hebrew for Sabbath.  We believe the day our Father has "set apart" is the Sabbath!  The Day of Shabbat has not been moved to Sunday!  Shabbat is the Seventh Day...the day we call Saturday.  


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Grafted In Fellowship (GIFKG) is dedicated to seeking, teaching, and living out the whole truth of the Word. Our purpose is to constantly seek and bring the Word to families -- to help unlearn false teachings and traditions of men, and equip them to grow in the Word. In this, we hope to convey how to live and practice the Word as originally intended.


With this in mind, we do not post a statement of faith, as we believe these statements can cause needless division among believers. We are all on a personal journey.  We ourselves wouldn’t agree with elements of our own statement of faith we had several years ago. Next year might vary from what we have today. Statements of faith, by their very nature, can hold an unyielding position for discussion.  While there may be some elements of the faith that we consider basic or foundational, there are many topics that we see as being open for dialogue.


We have found that we can learn from people who may not agree with us on every topic.  We pray that you believe the same. Regardless of whether you agree with us on every subject, we hope that we can help you learn and grow in the faith through our teachings.  This is truly our aim.