Study Our Hebrew Roots!

Study OurHebrew Roots!
Study OurHebrew Roots!
Learn the Foundation of Your Faith!

Grafted In Fellowship is a gathering of like-minded people who understand the importance of following ALL of our Father's Word.  We understand our Father is the "same yesterday, today and forever" and furthermore, the Word of God is a complete writing without contradiction within what is commonly called the Old and New Testaments. 

YES!  We Shabbat!  Or more properly stated, "We observe Shabbat!"  What does this mean?  Shabbat is Hebrew for Sabbath.  We believe the day our Father has "set apart" is the Sabbath!  The Day of Shabbat has not been moved to Sunday!  Shabbat is the Seventh Day...the day we call Saturday.  


This page contains the teachings for 5775.

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To view the teachings for 5773, click HERE.

B'reisheet / Genesis


Nov 29, 2014: We did not meet on this date in order to allow everyone the opportunity to spend time with family during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Connecting the Whole Bible to Torah

Jan 10, 17, 24, 2015:
There will be no notes available for the meetings on these dates due to Guest Speakers and special video presentation.

Matthew's Gospel:
Beginning on Feb 7, 2015, we will be going through Matthew's Gospel verse by verse to understand what he was writing about, to whom he was writing, and put his writings back into the original context.

Feb 21, 2015:
Due to inclement weather, we did not meet this date.

Feb 28, 2015:
No meeting.  Attended Skip Moen Conference, Virginia Beach, VA.  

Matthew Study:
These teachings will be interspersed with the regular Torah Portion teachings as time permits...

Vayikra / Leviticus

Apr 4, 2015
Matthew Study: This teaching is posted in the Matthew Section above.

Apr 11, 2015
Today, we listened to an audio teaching by FFOZ: When Moses was in Egypt's Land, D. Thomas Lancaster
No Notes Available

May 16, 2015:
No meeting.  Attended Skip Moen Conference, Virginia Beach, VA.  

Bamidbar / Numbers


May 30, 2015
Today, we watched a video series by Jeff Benner: 

Jun 20, 2015: This week, we reviewed the study presented in 2013 for this Torah Portion.

Jun 27, 2015: This week, we listened to the audio teaching, "Torah Pearls" posted on

July 2015 (4, 11, 18, 25)
There were NO meetings for the month of July due to various trips and vacations of those attending, we decided to cancel all regular meetings for the month!
As such, no teachings are posted.

Devarim / Deuteronomy

Aug 1, 2015:
This day was reviewing our Israel Trip!

Aug 8, 2015:
Viewed video:
Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews

Aug 15, 2015:
No notes for today's teaching.

Aug 22, 2015:
Viewed video:

Aug 29, 2015:
No meeting this date.

Sep 5, 12, 19, 26, 2015
We listened to an audio teaching by Skip Moen: The Trinity: A Preliminary Investigation
No notes for these teachings.

Oct 3, 2015:
No meeting this date -- Sukkot!